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Mit Frontend Checklist kannst du HTML- oder PDF-Checklisten für deine Besucher erzegen. Der Status der HTML-Checklisten kann per Cookie gespeichert werden. So können deine Besucher jedezeit zurückkehren und die Checkliste weiter abhaken.


Die Administration von Frontend Checklist

Frontend Checklist

Die Checkliste in der HTML-Darstellung

Ein Live-Beispiel der Checkliste kann auf meiner Seite zur Transsibirischen Eisenbahn angesehen werden.

Anlass zu der Entwicklung dieses Plugins war, dass ich den Besuchern meiner Transsib Seite eine Checkliste anbieten wollte, damit sie einen Überblick haben, was sie alles zur Vorbereitung auf die Reise noch zu tun haben.

Da ich so etwas im Plugin Verzeichnis von WordPress nicht finden konnte, habe ich mich kurzerhand selbst an die Entwicklung eines solchen Plugins gemacht. Im Rahmen des 13 Wochen Projekts habe ich dann beschlossen, dass ich das Plugin massentauglich machen und zum kostenlosen Download anbieten möchte.

Genug geredet, hier ist der Download Link. Das Plugin ist auch auf verfügbar. Bei Fragen oder Problem hinterlasse einfach einen Kommentar oder schreib mir.

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115 Gedanken zu “Frontend Checklist
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  2. I am testing Frontend Checklist and love it.

    I have several different courses on my website, and would like a checklist for each. For the future, it would be awesome if I could create multiple checklists.

  3. Hi Don,

    thank you for your comment. That’s a great idea for future versions but will take some time. I will drop you a message when I release a new version with that feature.

  4. Hi Jonas,

    The plugin is a great idea, but have a few ideas that would make it sensational (at least for me).
    See my page here:
    1) The ability to style the list so the items aren’t so far apart
    2) Word wrap long descritptions so I don’t get the dreaded scroll bar down the bottom of the list
    3) The abilty to have subheadings (see the PDF on the same weppage – as above)
    4) The ability to print the list if one prefers it that way.
    5) An option to use subscriber login instead of cookie to remember ticked items

    If you did that you could sell it on code canyon. I would definitely pay $10-20 (40-50 for dev version) for that functionality – The cookie thing is great.

  5. Sorry Jonas,

    Some clarity for point 3 above.
    I mean to be able to break the list up by groupings eg, camping gear, food, clothing etc


  6. Hi Peter,

    thank you for your great ideas. The list items are put in normal p-Tags and the descriptions are normal text, so if you know CSS you can style them on your own (points 1 and 2).

    Subheadings are a good idea. Maybe, when I finished the feature for multiple checklists you can create them by putting several checklists on the same page.

    I implemented the PDF-Checklist feature for users who want to print the checklist.

    User identification instead of cookie is also a good idea. I guess, after implementing multiple checklists, this will be the next feature. I just hope to find some spare time…

    Have a nice weekend,

  7. I’ve just released version 2.0.0 which supports multiple checklists. You can download it from this site, from or directly from your plugin manager.

    Ich habe soeben die Version 2.0.0 veröffentlicht, die auch mehrere Checklisten unterstützt. Sie kann hier auf der Seite, auf oder direkt vom Plugin Manager aus installiert werden.

  8. Hi Jonas,

    amazing plugin! Just what I was looking for.

    A question:
    I’ve tried to place the same checklist on two different pages. When i do so the progress it tracked seperately although it’s the same checklist.

    Is it supposed to be like this?

    Anywa. Great work! 🙂

  9. Hi Nils,

    well, I think this happens because the cookie path is set to the current URL, so it’s not valid on another one. I could easily fix this, but I’m not sure which behaviour would be better for user experience. What do you think?

    Nice page btw!


  10. Hey Jonas,
    thanks for the quick reply!

    Unfortunately I have no experience with cookies so I don’t know what’s possible.

    From a usability standpoint I would say a checklist you create is unique and should be updated everywhere it is implemented.

    For example:
    If you have a website with 3 different sections that each require their own checklist it works perfect. But if you want to create an sitewide overview page you would have the checklists in multiple places. That wouldn’t work at the moment, right?

    Do you think this is possible?

    Anyway fantastic work! 🙂


  11. Hey Nils,

    I think you are right. If someone wants to track the progress separately, he should create different checklists. That’s no big deal. I will release a hotfix for this and another minor bug next week.

    Love your page, btw. I’m travelling to New Zealand this year.


  12. Hey Jonas,

    awesome. 🙂 Thanks a lot!

    You also seem to be quite the adventurer. I’ve been to china for 6 months to study chinese KungFu but traveling through russia, mongolia and china by train? Wow, thats a another level man! I bet it was quite an adventure! 🙂

    Thanks for the fix.


  13. Hi Jonas,
    I also would like to thank you for creating this plug in. I haven’t seen anything else like it – and I’ve looked!
    I think that I unfortunately have the opposite problem of Nils above.
    I would like to create a checklist that appears on each page, basically tracking if the person has acted on that one page. The check would be independent of tracking action on any other pages.
    Is there a way to do something like that?

  14. Hi Herb,

    thank you for your comment. Currently, the easiest way is to download the version 2.1.0 of the plugin from The only difference between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 is this behaviour.

    However, when you update to a new version of the plugin, this will be lost. You can manually recover it, by changing a single line in wp-coontent/plugins/frontend-checklist/frontend-checklist.js. You can see the change here:

    It sounds like it might be a good idea to have an attribute in the shortcode to control this behaviour…

    Kind regards,

  15. Hi Jonas,
    I appreciate your quick response.
    I tried 2.1.0, but it seemed that the check was maintained across pages (vs. individual to each page). It could be that something else was going on in my site to cause the issue…
    I will watch for future builds for the plug in – I think that an attribute to control whether the checks are shared or independent across pages would be very helpful.
    Thanks again for sharing this plug in.

  16. Hi Herb,

    do you have a link to your page where the issue occurs, so I can check what is going on? 2.1.0 should save the cookie per page.

    Kind regards,

  17. Hi Jonas,
    I installed 2.1.0 on my site, and put a checklist called „test“ on each post beneath the main content. You can see it on these two posts (and any other post too):
    I believe that whenever I set the checkbox on one post, it shows the same way on all other posts too.
    Thanks again for your help and interest. Hopefully the issue is not something silly I am doing. 🙂

  18. Hi Herb,

    don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The cookie in the old version is set per URL path, so a cookie on does not exist on For most WordPress pages, this means every page is tracked separately. If you look at my URLs is technically another path than e.g.

    However, your URLs are all in the root path and so the tracking cookie is valid everywhere. In this case, I would recommend you create multiple checklists so each page has it’s own checklist. I know, this is not the most elegant way, but it should work. You can also update to 2.1.1 and future versions without problems.


  19. Hi Jonas,
    I understand what you mean – it makes sense. Given the number of posts I create, it would be quite a bit of work to create a new checklist for each new post. Perhaps you can consider this situation for a future enhancement.
    Thanks again very much for the time you took to research this, and for sharing and supporting your plug in.

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for your awesome plugin frontend checklist.
    I’m wondering if there’s an option to generate a PDF with only the checks-boxes visible that you have checked on. When I generate the PDF now, I get the total list. If this is possible, it would be fantastic.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


  21. Hi Tom,

    I’m sorry, there is no such functionality. The PDF checklist is for people who want to fill out the checkbox on paper. All checked rows get the CSS-Class „checked“. So if you are familiar with CSS, you could place the same checklist on another page and display only those with this class. However, this is not PDF.

    I will consider your request for future development.

    Kind regards,

  22. Hey Jonas,
    Great plugin, thank you!
    I was just wondering if there was a way to include a progress bar of how much of the checklist is completed? I have courses on my site and would love for my students to see how much of the checklist is done.

    thank you again for your amazing work!

  23. Hi Adrian,

    actually there is an unofficial version of the checklist I made for a friend, which includes a jquery progressbar. I’ll send you an email with this version.


  24. Hi Will,

    sure, you can use normal HTML in the items, also an img tag:
    <img src="myimg.jpg" alt="myimg" />

    Kind regards,

  25. Thanks for the quick reply Jonas.

    So, for example if I wanted to put an image next to each checkbox, how would I do this?

    [frontend-checklist name=“example list“]

    Which contains 20 check boxes?

    Thanks again!

  26. There is no option for that in the shortcode. Just go into the checklist settings and add the HTML for the image (see above) in front of each item.

  27. Hi,
    I cannot begin to tell you how GRATEFUL I am that you have made this pulgin! It’s a lifesaver – JUST what I needed!

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to get some custom work done – perhaps as an add-on plugin? I need to be able to allow my users (on the frontend, logged in) to add a new checklist item. Would be specific to them, not shared.
    Thanks so much!

  28. Hi Patricia,

    thank you very much for your comment. A functionality to allow users to add their custom items would be pretty complicated and I’m not planning to include something like that into the plugin.

    However, using the plugin as a basis for individual development could be a good idea but will put you back a few hundred bucks. If you send me your detailed specifications via my contact form ( I can give you a quote.


  29. Specs sent. Might I see a copy of the version with the progress bar? That would be VERY nice for my users…. very useful feature for them!


  30. Hi Jonas!

    This is a very nice plugin indeed!
    Is there a way to group the list into smaller „chapters“?
    Something like:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    I know I could use multiple lists but then I cannot output one pdf list… or can I?


  31. Hi Seb,

    well, there is no functionality for that. Multiple list are an option, but you’re right, you can’t create a pdf with multiple lists.

    You could try to put the breaks and the heading for the second part into tha last item of the first part. It’s not a very clear solution but I think it’s worth a try.


  32. Hi, Jonas,

    The plugin is exactly what I’m looking for! But it doesn’t seem to support items in Chinese. Is there any way I can fix it? Just really want to have it on my website.

    Thank you!


  33. Hi Helen,

    the HTML-checklist should support Chinese characters. If not, set the charset of the plugin tables (wp_fc_lists, wp_fc_items) to Unicode. The PDF-checklist only supports latin characters and there is no easy way to fix this, sorry.

    See this thread for further information: It is about Hebrew, but it should be the same thing for Chinese.


  34. Hi Jonas,

    Thank you so much for the quick reply! I appreciate it!

    It’s great news that plugin should support Chinese; but I’m a novice wordpress user, and don’t know anything about coding. I know this request is out of scope, but I would really really appreciate it if you could tell me how to change the charset to Unicode. Thank you very much!


  35. Hi Jonas,

    Thank you so much for getting out of your way to help! Now it’s solved!! You are great!!

    Sorry for not checking back earlier.



  36. Strange issue. Can you check if the file exists via ftp? If not, download the plugin, unzip the file and upload the frontened-checklist-pdf.php into the /wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/ folder.


  37. Yes, W3 Total Cache could be the reason. Try deactivating it. What other plugins do you have installed? You can also drop me a message at if you don’t want to share that publicly.

    Try also creating a page with only one PDF-link. It could be an issue with multiple links on one page.


  38. Hi Jonas,

    Fantastic plugin, I haven’t been able to find anything like it.

    Is there a way to customize the text and the spacing between items?

    Can you also send me the plugin with the progress bar?

    Thank you!

  39. Hi!

    Great plugin!

    I downloaded frontend checklist with progress bar. It works perfectly on the first page and the first checklist. I have a second checklist on a different page and the progress bar appears but doesn’t function. Any thoughts?



  40. Hi Jonas! Great plugin!

    One question, I would like the first sentenced to be bold and the rest to be „normal“ body-text. Is there an easy way for me to achieve this? just putting first sentencelast sentence doesn’t seem to work.


  41. Hi Jake,

    thank you. You can use HTML in your items. Try a strong-tag instead of a b-tag. Many themes are resetting the layout of b-tags these days (mine does as well, as you can see in your comment text).


  42. Hello Jonas,
    Excellent plugin! I really love it.

    Is there any way to have a checklist that a user completes sent to me as the site owner via email, or perhaps where I can see submitted results in the wordpress dashboard?

    That would be an awesome feature for this plugin to have.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Thanks Damon. The plugin is not really for sending information to the website owner. However, if you are using the modus without cookies, the status is saved in the usermeta table. It should be possible to extract and show this information in your dashboard. But you will definitely need some PHP skills to do that.


  44. hi. i’m having issues with the layout. when i add to my site, the format of the checkbox is different than what i see on your example. for example there is no space in between the checkbox and the text.
    in addition, i have added several checklists in a table and it is all centered top to bottom. how would i adjust so that all of the lists start from the top of each collumn in the table?

  45. Hello! Thank you for all your work in creating this plugin. I’m wondering whether it is possible to allow an end-user to define a custom title for the checklist; in order words, each item would be defined by an administrator in the backend, but the title for the checklist would be specified by the person reading it. Many thanks if you have any suggestions 🙂

  46. Hi,

    thanks for the kind words. There is no functionality to allow the user to create a custom title. Maybe you can hack something together with a form plugin.


  47. Thanks Jonas. One more question: I’m running a site which requires a user to be registered and logged in in order to access it. Is there a way to save the output of the checklist in a database so that checklists they have completed are retrievable by them at a later date?

  48. Yes, there is. Just add the cookie=“off“ parameter to the checklist shortcode and the plugin will save the status in the database. So if the same user logs in on a different computer, he can continue where he left.

  49. I haven’t downloaded the plugin yet. Wanted to know first if I will be able to see the other user’s checked boxes? I’d ideally like to have a password-protected page that I allow a client access to. When they check boxes, I can go to the same page and see which boxes are checked. Would I be able to do that with this plugin?

  50. Hi Laura,

    if you deactivate the cookies and login into the users account, you will be able to see which checkboxes your client already checked.


  51. Hi there, we are using your plugin on our websites and need some extra functionality added to it such as progress bar and some other small things. Are you available to hire? Kind Regards

  52. Great plugin. Am having an issue with the PDF. When trying to download the PDF it downloads, however all the loads is a blank page. Have tried different lists on both pages and posts etc, but always get the same results. Any help would be appreciated.



  53. Hi Johnathon,

    thanks for your comment. Are you sure you are providing a valid checklist name in the shortcode? The PDF checklist uses PHP sessions. Is it possible that your server is blocking PHP sesisons?


  54. Jonas – THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was looking for! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this with us! Would love to stay on your mail list for any updates. I am very grateful, thank you!!

    NOTE: I am using this in a Membership site so I am unable to share the page with you, but I will share the website!

  55. Hi Carol,

    thank you for your kind comment. Enjoy the plugin and a lot of success with your website. Share it, once it’s online.


  56. Hi !
    Great plugin !
    I would like to see progress check (todolist) by user in wp dashboard.
    I don’t have big knowledge in database. Is there simple way to get this informations ? (check by user)
    What are tables to retrieve from the database please ?

    Thank you so much !


  57. Hi Julien,

    first make sure you have the no-cookie mode of the checklist activated, so the progress is saved in the database. You find the progress per user in the usermeta table. The progress number works like a bit flag. 1 = only the first item is checked. 3 (1+2) = first and second items are checked, 7 (1+2+4) = first 3 items are checked etc.

    Hope that helps.


  58. Hi Jonas,

    cooles Plugin auf jeden Fall. Habe Probleme mit dem PDF Export. Wenn ich auf den Link klicke, geht nur ein neuer weißer/leerer Tab auf. Kannst du mir helfen?

  59. Huhu 🙂

    Hach ich liebe dein Checklisten-Plugin <3 Ich erarbeite gerade einen AdA Schein Online-Kurs und will währenddessen auch mein Vorankommen protokollieren. Darf ich dein Plugin im Rahmen dessen vorstellen? 🙂 Ich benutze es im Memberbereich für das Inhaltsverzeichnis, damit die User abhaken können, was schon geschafft ist.

    Beim Stöbern in deinen Kommentaren viel mir auf, dass es auch eine Progressbar gibt. Leider geht der Link nicht mehr – gibt es die vielleicht noch irgendwo? *liebschau*

    Liebe Grüße und viel Schaffenskraft weiterhin,

  60. Hallo Johannes,

    hast du vielleicht ein Caching Plugin installiert? Versuch mal, das für die Seite mit der Checkliste zu deaktiveren.

    Beste Grüße,

  61. Hey, and thanks for this plugin, I trust it’ll be helpful.

    I’m having trouble getting it to activate. I click on Activate and I get a message indicated that it IS activated, but then the plugin entry in the admin area doesn’t reflect the new status.

    Please help…!?!


  62. Hi Daniel,

    that’s strange, I never heard this before. No error message? Do you have a submenu item „Frontend Checklist“ under the „Settings“ in the backend?


  63. Hi Jonas,

    First, let me say that this is probably the most simple and elegant plugin i’ve used on wordpress yet. Well done and very good work!

    One question i have – i am trying to nest checkboxes. So for example, within one checkbox, there is a subset of checkboxes. I tried to achieve this by creating a separate checklist and adding the shortcode into a field of the main checklist. But it didn’t work – is there any way to do this?

    I cannot share a link to my site. It is private to our company. Sorry for this.


  64. Hi Ella,

    great to hear that you like the plugin. There is no such functionality to nest checkboxes. If it’s just for the optic and the checklist doesn’t get changed a lot, you could use CSS to indent certain boxes. Every checkbox gets it’s own id, which you can use in your CSS.


  65. Hi Ruth,

    thank you for your comment. The print version is for people who prefer to print out and tick the checklist on paper. It will always display all the boxes and they will all be unchecked. So I’m afraid that it’s not the right plugin for your use case. However, it could be a could base to build the functionality you need.


  66. Hi Jonas,
    First of all, thanks a lot for your plugin which is great !

    In the project I’m working on, I need to be able to display another person’s checklist in order to monitor other user’s progress. Therefore, I just made a few additions in the code to enable this feature (I actually just added an optional parameter to the existing shortcode).
    I did not need to add a lot of lines of code to perform that but I think that it might be nice to share them with you, so you can decide if they’re worth being included in your next plugin update.
    How can I send you those changes ?

  67. It looks like this plugin is just what I need. However when I entered the shortcode into my page and then preview the page, no check boxes show up. It just looks like regular text. When I highlight the page, it doesn’t appear that there is anything hidden as I was thinking perhaps the checkboxes were just disappearing into the background. Suggestions?

  68. Hi Angela,
    have you actually created the checklist items in the plugin settings? Did you use any parameters in the shortcode? Try saving the page first, and then previewing it. If you can insert the shortcode into a published page and send me a link, I can offer to have a quick look at it.

  69. Hi Angela,
    I had a look at this. The checkboxes are created correctly, but your theme is hiding all checkboxes (line 580 of the styles.css). Take this out and the checkboxes will appear.

  70. Ok, so the theme developer had me change line 581 to „block“ instead of „none“ but now it has the checkboxes above the text which is still not going to work. Suggestions?

  71. „inline“ would be the right display type for a checkbox. Or just take out the statement, since inline is the default.

  72. Hi,

    I really love your checklist and the way it saves the checked boxes for later use. I am wondering if there is any way to be able to save the checklist in PDF so that it would display my alphabet – it’s Czech, and I get ? instead of č, š, ř, ž, ť, ď, ň letters. Thanks for your answer!

    Eva S.

  73. Hi Eva,

    this is a little tricky, indeed. I will look into this for the next update (in about a month).


  74. The PDF function is not working for my website. I get this error message:

    Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; FPDF has a deprecated constructor in /home1/jillsava/public_html/nomoreperfectdatenight/wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/fpdf/fpdf.php on line 12
    FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file (output started at /home1/jillsava/public_html/nomoreperfectdatenight/wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/fpdf/fpdf.php:12)

  75. @Anne: This message is pointing out, that the plugin is using a method that will be removed in future version of PHP. Generally, you should set up your server so it doesn’t output these messages. There is no actual problem in the current version, but the output is causing the checklist to crash. That being said, the plugin should obviously not use deprecated methods. Since I was planning an update for today anyway, I’ve fixed that and the message should no longer appear.

    @Eva: It has been a while, but with the update from today (2.3.0), the PDF should be able to render Czech characters.

  76. Hi,
    I really love your plugin that I find very usefull but I was wondering if it was possible to save the checkbox datas on the database in order to access the checklist on different browsers/desktop ?

    Would it be possible ?

    Thanks a lot !

  77. Hi Pierre,
    Yes, if your users are logged in, you can set the cookie=“off“ attribute in the shortcode, to save the checkbox status in the database. If they log into their account on another device, they will have access to the same data.

  78. Hi Jonas,

    Thanks a lot for the tricks ! That’s great. However, I was wondering if it was now possible (with the cookies disabled) to change the limit of 50 inputs.
    I managed to add more inputs through the database tables but, even if I’m logged-in, data update is messy between two devices.

    Thanks again for your precious help.



  79. Some debug informations about the problem :

    With a list of 45 inputs, everything works very fine between two devices untill we reach the 33rd input.
    At that point, the p.checked class is not showing in the html, even if the box is visually checked.
    So the checked event is not saved anymore in the database.

    Any idea about this matter ?

    Thanks again for your help,


  80. Sorry Pierre, I didn’t see your comment. I can confirm that there are difficulties with saving checklists without cookie with more than 33 items. I will change the way the status is saved with the next update. It’s an unnecessary limitation anyway.

  81. I’ve installed this plugin on a development site, and it’s been working perfectly- now, however, I’m getting this warning:

    Deprecated: Non-static method Frontend_Checklist::checkVersion() should not be called statically in /www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 288

    Deprecated: Non-static method Frontend_Checklist::checkVersion() should not be called statically in /www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 288

    Warnings appeared after updating to 4.9.8.

  82. Hi Kaelin,

    that’s indeed a small bug in the plugin which I will fix with the next update. It shouldn’t affect any functionality.


  83. Hi Jonas,
    Thanks for creating the useful plugin. I’m getting a warning at the moment:

    Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home3/ab13798/public_html/ in /home3/ab13798/public_html/ on line 139

    Also wondering… Where in the database is the checklist status for each user stored exactly?

  84. Hi Liam,

    sounds like the contestfriend plugin is sending out data to the server too early, so Frontend Checklist can’t create the session it needs for the PDF checklist. There is not much I can do about that. You might want to contact the author of that plugin.

    The checklist status is stored in the wp_usermeta table with the meta_key frontend-checklist-{checklist_id}


  85. Hey Jonas,

    gibt es eine Möglichkeit, den gesicherten Status einer Checkliste zu entfernen, bzw. die angehakten Punkte wieder zu leeren, damit ein Anwender die Checkliste mehrere Male nutzen kann?

    LG, Manu

  86. Hallo Manu,

    Eine eingebaute Möglichkeit gibt es dafür leider nicht. Wenn du die Liste ohne Cookies einsetzt, kannst du den Status der Checkliste über die Datenbank löschen. Er befindet sich in der Tabelle wp_usermeta mit dem meta_key frontend-checklist-{checklist_id}.

    Viele Grüße,

  87. Das heißt also,
    ich kann keine Checkliste für mehrmaligen Gebrauch durch einen (nicht eingeloggten) User machen, ohne dass ich selbst aktiv den Status der Checkliste wieder lösche?
    Das wäre noch ein nettes Feature, eine Art Button/Option „Alle Checks zurücksetzen“. Vielleicht findet sich ja die Zeit, das für in einem kommenden Update zu implementieren?

    LG, Manu

  88. Hi Jonas,

    Great plugin! I am having one issue. When I insert a link (<a>) inside a list item, on the published page it inserts the link *inside* the current page URL. For example, I added the link to a list item. Then I inserted the checklist into a page with the URL:

    On the published page, the link href generates this:

    See how was added at the end. How can I change the link to *just*


  89. Firstly, I love the plugin. Thanks!
    It has been working great but after I updated my php, when I click on this link at the bottom of the checklist – To the PDF Version of the Checklist – then I get a blank page with this:

    Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; tFPDF has a deprecated constructor in /home/planners/public_html/wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/fpdf/tfpdf.php on line 13

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/planners/public_html/wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/frontend-checklist-pdf.php on line 16
    FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file (output started at /home/planners/public_html/wp-content/plugins/frontend-checklist/fpdf/tfpdf.php:13)

  90. Hi there,
    when using the plugin, it always adds a blank item of the checklist right when I put cursor in the last one. How can I get rid of the last blank item? Unfortunatelly it generates blank row under the checklist what kinda destroys my design. Otherwise it works fine.

  91. Hi Jonas,

    I have fixed the issue by downloading a new fresh copy of the ttf font from the web. It seems the ttf file was corrupted.


  92. Hi, The plugin works fine with shortcode in widget or page but if I use do_shortcode in template. It causes issue. The tasks are not saved.

  93. Hi sir,
    It’s realy good plugin but the PDF is not compatible with Arabic language which is a RTL one. how can I solve this ?
    and i need some customization like:
    -reset button
    -header and footer for PDF
    -progress-bar for checklist
    -ability of adding new choices By user to list
    -charts and statics about users and entries
    -do you have time for this customization? and how much do you think it charges?


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